Die SharkSchool™ mit Dr. Erich Ritter: Haie wirklich hautnah. Ab Mai ist Eleuthera das neue Sharkschool™-Hauptquartier auf den. Dr. Erich Ritter kommt jedes Jahr zu einer Vortragstournee nach Deutschland. Dank dieser ausgesuchten Lage finden Taucher optimale Bedingungen, um nicht nur der karibischen Haivielfalt, sondern elitepartner Hochseehaien und mit etwas Glück auch Tiger- und Bullenhaien zu begegnen. Die Öffnung an den Seiten ist 4,0 book of ra ucretsiz oyna. Dichte Vegetation, viele, viele Palmen und Strände zu beiden Seiten des langegestreckten, hügeligen Eilands prägen das Landschaftsbild. Wissen, worauf zu achten ist, damit die Tiere sich weder bedroht noch gestresst fühlen, ist Beste Spielothek in Klausmuhle finden und Angelpunkt einer jeden Begegnung. Global Green Marine, Inc. Diese Tatsache muss der breiten Öffentlichkeit klar gemacht werden Theorie findet meist ab 17 Beste Spielothek in Waldfrieden finden statt und dauert bis kurz vor dem Abendessen. Ein Basiswerk nicht nur für alle Wassersportler. Er ist akut vom Aussterben bedroht! Absolut empfehlenswert für jeden Wassersportler und Hai-Freund. Zwar helfen elektronische Mittel, das Eine oder Andere bestimmen zu können, doch bleibt das Tier weiterhin eher unbekannt. Was können Flugzeug-Konstrukteure sharkschool Haien Beste Spielothek in Steinsdorf finden

The universe always gets in the last "fuck you", if not while the bulb is still hot then right before the screen goes permanently black.

This game is called "". God doesn't care enough to even give it a title. He gives no fucks about you! But that needn't be a negatively experienced fact.

The key, as I see it, is to be like God. Just give no fucks and be free, mutherfuckas! Let me get this straight. You are trying to say that do whatever pleases you, say whatever makes you happy and all this will not have any consequence?

That said, absolutely not. There are definitely consequences to our actions, or lack thereof. Whether or not those consequences extend beyond death, I wish I knew.

I think a big key to being successful is to stop trying to please other people and choosing to live your own life, basing your decisions on what you feel deep down to be the right move for you.

And that can be more difficult than we may first suspect. Also, the guidelines for Sharkschool are on point. Biological races do not exist among humans.

Anthropologists, geneticists, sociologists, and psychologists all agree on this objective truth. Be proud of your heritage and culture, that's cool. But just understand that there is really no difference between Jews and gentiles.

Successful people come in all colors and sizes. Same goes for the lazy. There is only one evolutionary lineage of humanity.

Subspecies or "races" are a myth, mostly propagated by governments and dark occultists. Can't comment on that as I'm not a scientist and haven't done any research other than a few Google searches.

Admittedly I meant it more in terms of a cultural thing than anything else. You have Jews from all over the world so it's hard to say that we're genetically unique, despite the fact that over the past 2k years most Jews have not married outside their religion the ones who did generally don't raise Jewish families and end the bloodline.

Don't disagree there either. Like I said, I think it comes from the mentality of being raised a certain way. Jewish values are fairly straightforward and most of us tend to live in communities surrounded by each other which reinforce these values.

If anything I think this is what leads to our success as a relatively small population. Thought that was clear from my post, maybe I should have clarified it better.

Thanks for the response yallapapi. Your arguments were clear and concise. It was my intention to remind and inform readers with a strong statement that we are all just people.

It is my belief that once we stop focusing on race and nationalism we can solve some of humanities biggest issues and build a more free world.

Thanks for the Hebrew correction. Google let me down. Example of Cuneiform Writings - Cuneiform was not a language itself, but a system of writing which could be used to transcribe multiple languages such as Babylonian, Akkadian and Sumerian.

But what these tablets say doesn't just turn all the major religions upside down, it is literally revolutionary. The texts change everything we thought we knew about ancient civilization.

However, since the tablets were only recently translated in and are still largely being shrouded in mystery thanks to the conspiracy theory crowd misrepresenting what they actually say, most people have not yet discovered them or realize their significance.

Even if you are completely non-religious, these cuneiform tablets prove that our ancient ancestors not only had the ability to use geometric calculations to predict the motion of Jupiter almost years PRIOR to what we previously thought was only possible in the s A.

The texts also describe DNA, artificial insemination, navigation systems with glowing screens , and many other things that should be impossible by our current understanding of ancient history.

I have personally read the first Sumerian to English translation of one set of these tablets there are hundreds, I have read about 30 so I am speaking from direct experience.

They described what Earth looks like from space, they describe how anything that enters our atmosphere from space heats up and catches on fire, and they go into far more controversial topics as well which become hard to prove due to their anecdotal nature.

But no one can argue with the cold hard fact that this civilization should NOT have been able to describe the things I mentioned above.

Truly, these tablets show us that ancient man had far more advanced technology than we ever dreamed, and somehow this knowledge was lost prior to the Babylonian and Akkadian civilization only to be unearthed thousands of years later and remain in storage for many years still before being translated in The reason no one knows is because what these tablets say forces us to completely reexamine what we thought we knew about the past, it practically destroys every major religion if I told you who the "Gods" were according to the ancient Sumerian civilization, you would shit your pants and it makes Egyptologists look like they don't know what they're talking about.

If you would like to know more, I am willing to write a more in-depth article or make a video. In fact, I am open to collaboration if you are willing to put time into researching this and making a video with me.

After all I have 13 years of professional experience in Electronic Music Production my career and I am an amateur video producer as well.

So please let me know if you would like to combine your talents with mine to get this knowledge out and discuss it.

These are some very important discoveries and so far no one is talking about it on steemit. Since I took so long to write this response, I will be cross-posting it on my account as a short article as well.

Thank you for reading if you got this far!! Scientists shy away from the topic for political reasons, nothing more.

Haplogroups do impart advantages and disadvantages depending on the environment. Thank you for introducing me to this new word!

A haplogroup is a genetic population group of people who share a common ancestor on the patriline or the matriline. Haplogroups are assigned letters of the alphabet, and refinements consist of additional number and letter combinations.

So now we have an author with a sense of humor who can write an entertaining word post without taking himself too seriously.

I had a laugh or two reading your post. I just find it ridiculous to have this as the number one on trending due to spamming upvote-bots. If you have original content written for STEEM only that you think is funny and unique on which you are not spamming upvote bots like this, then feel free to link-drop me them on steem.

You know yallapapi 's posts are a thousand times better than most posts that hit the trending page. The banner and the title are part of the persona.

You have to have a certain degree of sophistication to get that. Spare yourself from adding that kind of jibberish.

I get the person and the content and think there is a place on steemit for guys like him to make a decent buck writing his type of content and engaging with his type of audience.

But I still maintain that the Blockchain has mechanics to both upvote and downvote for a reason, and I see nothing wrong in using that ability.

I appreciate the offer but I'll pass this time around. It sounds like you just flagged me on principle. I wonder if you flagged the rest of the posts on Trending as well?

Hmm looks like you didn't. All good brother I won't take it personally. Well, no single STEEM holder should have to take on the responsibility of consistently flagging and policing all posts.

It ought to be the joint responsibility of the community to also flag when disagreeing on rewards. If only enough to make over-use of bots less attractive.

I have nothing against you, I just believe the current state of STEEM and what content it surfaces is very far from where I want the platform to be, nor that it represents "proof of brain" as the SMT whitepaper claims the steemit-model is a proven example of.

So I just think people in general should be better at occasionally throwing a flag at the content they see as grossly over-valued. I am very much against people bullying individual users or trying to crush them with flags on all posts that they do.

But using our ability to give both positive and negative influence ought to be used both ways. Your post really is good, brother, you upvote us.

Because every upvote of yours is very valuable. Gj with the comment, but nobody will do anything, because everyone is busy making money, people forgot this was a content platform.

I'm sorry, are you saying that this post is somehow not content because of the title or my banner image? I'd be interested to hear your reasoning for that.

This is a content-based platform and the most extraordinary content should be on the trending and hot pages. BTW, your post is quite better than any other post I can see on the trending page, and there are many other writers on steemit, who write a lot better, but they never make to the top.

That followed by the inability of others to use flags as the cleaning tool it is meant to be. My three drips of jew blood agree.

You got a If you are looking to earn a passive no hassle return on your Steem Power, delegate your SP to ebargains by clicking on one of the ready to delegate links: That is up to You can also undelegate at anytime.

Love the "Iron John" reference. Fave book to read to my tween son, walky I like the philosophy. Its harsh, very introspective at points.

You deserve every success, totally honest, funny as fuck and full of perfectly correct and useful info.

If this had been written by someone with a rep of under 40 I would have still enjoyed it but wouldnt have bothered replying so Im expecting a nice upvote please.

I hate to say Im going to follow you now or become a 'disciple', but it is possible depending on the size of your upvote.

I dont do discord though, lifes too short, especially as Im 52, a smoker and come from a family of heart attack victims. Have a great day: Notwithstanding anything else, are you saying that the 1,, Israelis who are Muslim have bad hearts?

You seem super educated and incredibly well-informed. Please tell me more about these Freemasons? Is it a musical ensemble? Ahmadiyya are not Muslims.

The Freemasons are a pretty rockin folk-roots outfit. There are Muslim Israelis, generally referred to as Arab Israelis.

Palestinians are the ones who live in the West Bank and Gaza. Ahmadiyas are classified as non-Muslims by Muslim world.

Hence there is no such thing as Muslim Israeli. And the trio will not going to accept the challenge. Thank you for using my service!

Read here how the bot from Berlin works. The presale was sold in 26 minutes. The ICO is open now for 4 rounds in 4 weeks.

I have joined steemit too to be inspired to jum out of empoyee mind set but not running for crazy amount of money. I am not like you and I dont wish to be, my point is that you lead the example for all of us to find our way and dont stress out what anyone will think.

The best creations were made when individuals didnt have idea what they are actually doing. We dont need to have the same goals, but for sure openness about who you are is my confirmation and huge inspiration that being open, you are alowing life energy to bring you whatever you want.

Well to be honest I really don't. And I know for SURE that no sales guys out there sacrificing their time and knowledge out of the goodness of their heart.

So I just come out and tell people the truth, which is that I am doing this for myself. I want to build my brand, blah blah blah. I've said this many times and my hunch is that people find this honesty refreshing.

It also keeps me from having to think too hard after building up a web of lies and double-talk if someone tries to put me on blast.

Like I said, I think this place can change for the better. But even if it doesn't, I'm getting my money's worth. Ultimately it's up to people how quickly they want to progress.

Most people don't make any progress at all. I listened to Tony Robbins programs for years before I did anything with my life. But I still listened to them because they were entertaining.

You are correct percent! I am also not running away from money, actually I want to leave concept employee that I had and I am open about it here..

I agree and appreciate what you say and how well you expressed everything. This is exact proof what I wanted to convey.

You really don't care, and you are openly expressing that, by only with your existence, you affect others to "wake up".

And effortless for you. People can be inspired and encouraged to step up and express who they really are, not being afraid of judgement. Would please vote me as a witness sreeram for an exchange i will upvote your next 10 posts.

I hope you will help me. Jeez mhn, you are one writer, ive beem reading you up a while, today i comment: Jews are naturally fascinating, but they work hard to keep their game untop.

Drake is my guy, i love him anytime. What i know is everybody learns in different ways, if your style is different, it will definitely attract people who need your style to learn and earn, nice work man.

Helping others will only help yourself become better. And ofcourse you are right about the effort. I was always confused about the hate jews get.

If people get oppressed like this and still manage to be successful they obviously do something right. I appreciate this post,!! I like your style.

This first time i read your post. Thank you for share.. This humvee will be patrolling by and assisting new veterans, retirees, and military members here on Steem.

Wow I just had a lot of fun reading that. I must actually say this. I'm tired of any excuse that arises out of the crevises of negativity.

Thank you for the inspiration.. Te voy a seguir. I like that you challenged GC, Bernie, and Ned. What if they joined sharkschool?

Not likely that they will join as I'm sure they have their hands full. And to be honest I doubt they'll even accept the challenge.

But someone will tell them that they were mentioned in here and that will get their attention. They'll think about it, if only for a second.

That said, I picked them because from what I've seen, they seem to be the three people who are most interested in improving the platform.

I say that because they are the most vocal about their beliefs. Well, GC and BS at least. Ned is the CEO, so it goes without saying.

And by "challenging" them, I give them the opportunity to speak their mind under the guise of responding to me.

Less risk for them because they don't have to say, "this is what I believe and I felt like posting it just because. The guidelines I set up will hopefully lead to quality posts, something this platform could use more of.

But if they play along, then it's likely that other people would play along as well. That means a higher standard for posts on here and an increase in the perceived quality of the platform, which is ostensibly something they all want.

Here is my submission for the shittest post contest: Slight bito ballbagage in the top right too.. Thank you for your inspiring shitty post.

From now on I will believe that I have a golden hair even if people tells me it's black. Yup, I'm not gonna believe them. I believe in me now, man!

You're a girl, you don't count. The book is about masculinity. Girls generally don't have a problem selling themselves.

Case in point, your selfie I just painted half of my face and that's where the lazy part comes lol. Anyways, oh God, but I love the story of that kid with the golden hair: Will you just count me in?

Why would you paint the top half of your face, but leave everything from your philtrum down completely blank?

Didn't read it all But, com'mon, make sure you stop by my page to view my artwork, I ain't here just for laughs! You've won the Shit Post King Award.

This award goes to the most craptastic post of the day. It must be hard not to think of a good title right? Sometimes, words just don't get out of our minds.

I'm about to join! I'm loving your content. I just posted my first introduceyourself article and I think you would love it as well. Hope you're having a great day man, cheers!!

Israel is the only light in the Middle East today. It's the only truly free nation among a sea of tyrants and terrorists.

I only hope other Middle Eastern nations start to look to Israel as an example of what can happen when democracy takes hold and people stand up to tyranny.

Just want to clarify that just because I say good things about Israel, that does not mean that I'm anti-Arab or anti-Muslim. Israel is certainly the most Westernized Middle Eastern country, but I have met people from all of the Arab countries in the area and they are good people.

Special shoutout to my Lebanese, Egyptian and Syrian friends who will probably never read this. Annnnd now I'm on a list. When are you going to be done with that shit?

Make some waves or something steemit is getting boring with the fighting over bots and witness activity. Good lord its about time for someone to take a shit in the isle of the store or something.

I don't want to walk alone. Who will encourage me? It was a long post too, didn't think I'd make it. But I did ;.

Nice post I am very happy to be friends with you, I will follow you but do not forget to follow back so I can update your post.

What a success, I think, splendid friend, good contribution for the knowledge of good stories and life lessons Brother very good lesson of life continues like this, with your good stories and reinforcing our knowledge What a pleasure mate, this contribution is very good for our platform steemit, I wish you the best in your work This is one helluva post I loved it then I got tired.

I gather strength and read few more.. Then I got tired again. I don't wan't to miss out on this post. So I am replying so that I keep revisiting it when I want.

Then I got tired and hit post on the reply. But this is one helluva post: You have opened our eyes to those who tried to shackle us down by discouraging content promotion while holding back from upvoting good contents even from their discord members.

These whales have got no feeling for anyone but themselves. Postingan yang tidak bisa jadi contoh kedepan, tetapi menjadi trending topik.

Kenapa dengan dunia sekarang? Hallo steemit, apakah seperti ini postingan yg bagus. When I first read the title of your post, I did not understand the exact way you were talking about.

But when I read your full text, I realized that you tried to highlight important information through your blog. I have read how you worked hard to write good content.

Can you teach me how to build a better quality post on Steemit? Of course I'll follow you and try to read all the posts related to the information.

It's a cool post and tho, more power! Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info.

If you would like to support the development of postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for yabapmatt for witness! I'm not an expert.

I just wrote a few blog posts and started a group. Let down your golden hair Sometimes I wonder if people are too scared to express themselves freely or if they're just too stupid to have any original thoughts.

So let me educate you: Here are some stats for those of you who have no idea where I'm going with this: In regards to its population, Israel has the highest ratio of college degrees.

The same goes for the ratio of its museums Israel is the only country to revive an unspoken language and establish it as its national tongue.

An Israeli company has developed the world's first jellyfish repellent. Fin-tastic Finish Book 5.

Splash Dance Book 6. Tooth or Dare Book 7. Long Fin Silver Book 9. Coming Soon from Shark School. Shark School Shark-tastic Collection Books Shark School Shark-tacular Collection Books Davy Ocean Davy Ocean is the pseudonym of a collective of writers from the creative agency Hothouse Fiction, based in London.

Free eBook available to NEW subscribers only. Must redeem within 90 days. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices.

Holiday Hacks By Keith Bradford. Mercury By Lesley-Ann Jones. Fired up for books!

Die weiche, dehnbare Baumwolle ist einlaufvorbehandelt. Sende einfach eine E-Mail an office sharkschool. Delfine, Barrakudas und tausende Zackenbarsche umkreisen die Inseln ebenso casino royale action alle Arten von Haien, Beste Spielothek in Güdingen finden voran die hier reichlich vorkommenden Tiger- und Bullenhaie! Dieses Wissen ist weltweit und bei sämtlichen Hai-Arten anwendbar. Natürlich ist auch eine Verlängerung in Eleuthera möglich, mit oder poker omaha Tauchen. Vorkenntnisse zu Haien sind für die Kurse nicht notwendig! Er ist clever, er ist vorsichtig, er ist cool und …. Im Dorf gibt es zwei Restaurants, drei Bars, einige einheimische Läden, in denen angeboten wird, was die Versorgungsschiffe Mal wöchentlich bringen. Das Maskenband passt über die meisten Standard-Bänder. Der Kalender erscheint im doppelseitig bedrucktem Sonderformat. Ungefähr 80 Kilometer südöstlich von Florida und Kilometer nördlich von Kuba erstrecken sich die Bahamas. Viele Fragen, auf die Dr. Der Transfer vom Flughafen Eleuthera erfolgt in Eigenregie. Wir laden Dich ein, ihn mit uns einmal ganz genau zu betrachten. Wie paart er sich, wie gebärt er oder wie wächst ein Jungtier heran? Jetzt mit USB 3. Ein minütiger Film erläutert anschaulich und leicht nachvollziehbar, wie man Begegnungs-Situationen richtig interpretiert und das eigene Verhalten entsprechend anpasst. Mit körpernaher Schnittform und bedruckten Ärmeln ist es ein toller Blickfang. Gerne organisieren wir Dir ein Taxi oder einen Leihwagen, der auch für den gesamten Aufenthalt auf der Insel empfehlenswert ist. Im Anschluss an die Seminarwoche bzw. And there are few gifted Beste Spielothek in Wildprechtroda finden like me who can be both beautiful and lazy. As the shirts a slim-fit, you might want to Gold Diggers - BetSoft Slots - Rizk Online Casino Sverige 1 size larger than normal Colors: Maybe your hair is fucking ugly as shit and you shouldn't let it down. Because I tipico em quoten that I have the power to change things for the better, I choose to spend my time in a certain way. Shark School Shark-tastic Collection Books An Beste Spielothek in Laab im Walde finden company has developed the world's first jellyfish repellent. Wow, tell me more! Also, has someone been watching the Brofessor? From now on I will believe that I have a golden hair even if people tells me it's black. I have joined steemit too to be inspired to jum out of empoyee mind set but not running for crazy amount of money. Thank you for reading if you got this far!! Successful people come in all colors and sizes.

Sharkschool Video

LPS - The Note - School Of Sharks Series Video Littlest Pet Shop Part 2 Cookieswirlc

Sharkschool -

Dieses Reiseangebot richtet sich vor allem an leidenschaftliche Taucher, die wirklich wissen wollen, wovon sie sprechen, wenn es um das Thema Haie und Hai-Interaktion geht. Sie erlernen, Haien sicher und fasziniert zu begegnen. Wir freuen uns auf Euch, Erich und Andy. Delfine, Barrakudas und tausende Zackenbarsche umkreisen die Inseln ebenso wie alle Arten von Haien, allen voran die hier reichlich vorkommenden Tiger- und Bullenhaie! Er ist akut vom Aussterben bedroht!

sharkschool -

Natürlich ist auch eine Verlängerung in Eleuthera möglich, mit oder ohne Tauchen. Dort halten sich typischerweise junge Zitronenhaie auf. Bist Du lieber Selbstversorger? So wird die Begegnung mit dem Hai zum Genuss. Haie richtig verstehen zu lernen, mit Vorurteilen aufzuräumen und möglichst viele Menschen dazu zu motivieren, sich ebenfalls für den nachhaltigen Hai-Schutz einzusetzen. Ein wesentlicher Teil des Workshops sind Übungen praktischer Teil , welche die Teilnehmer an und mit den Haien durchführen. Das Buch macht Lust und Mut, sich auf Haie einzulassen. Wie sich der Mensch in dieser Situation sinnvoll verhält, um diese Begegnung freudvoll für alle Beteiligten zu machen, vermittelt dieses Werk. Es leitet den Leser Schritt für Schritt dahin, im Hai mehr als ein faszinierendes Raubtier und eine potenzielle Bedrohung zu sehen. Is it a musical ensemble? But that's the chance you take. This boxed set includes the following ten Shark School tales, each one an exciting, deep-sea mis adventure: That never happened before or Beste Spielothek in Belke finden bid bots. Here's the Wikipedia info because I'm too lazy to write it in my own words: Total air-head, dick-suckers, the whole lot, but who am I to Beste Spielothek in Brockenhaus finden a man like Trump for taking total advantage of these onlinewürfel Others were jealous of his success sharkschool smarts. Hmm looks like you didn't. Sign up for the newsletter: Must redeem within 90 days. Kai Lutz of the University of Zurich. Get book club werder bremen ergebnisse heute, access to more 1, reading group guides, author updates, and more! But no one can argue with the cold hard fact that this civilization should NOT have been able to describe the things I mentioned above. You can't control the color of your skin or the family you were born into. Paste these guidelines as well so people know what's expected of them.


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