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quer. Gefällt Mal · Personen sprechen darüber. Kritik und Satire mit Christoph Süß jeden Donnerstag im BR Fernsehen und Livestream. März Bald sind sie da – die gemütlichen Osterfeiertage lassen nicht mehr lange auf sich warten. Ende nächster Woche ist es dann soweit und mit. Aug. Vom Einsiedler bis zur Live-Streamerin: Eine Reise durch ein Land, dass sich schneller entwickelt, als seine eigene Bevölkerung.

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Since I don't know the answer, and I'd like to, I'm going to ask the folks who read this blog if they might know. Non Rolling Stockinette Thuy asks me if there is a way to cast on or off so that stockinette stitch won't roll.

She has a scarf and a sweater from J. Crew with no hem, done in plain stockinette stitch that doesn't roll.

Does anyone have any ideas on how one might accomplish this? Craft Sale Manic Knitting This weekend has been non-stop knitting.

Mostly for the upcoming craft sale on the 20th of December. So far this weekend, I've completed four scarves and two London Beanies, and I'm well on my way to finishing a fifth scarf.

I also have two Pep scarves and two Koigu scarves at the local yarn store and four Headhugger Hats left over from the previous craft show. I'm hopeful to have about three dozen items that I can sell at the show I get to see my friend who's hosting the craft sale this evening for movie and a dinner, and I wanted to show her my extensive progress.

Not really enough to merit an updated picture. I also brought Ronas Hill into my localy yarn store when I went in to buy more novelty yarn, and everyone fawned over it.

There was a newly obsessed male knitter in the store when I went in. When he saw me, he said he had been to my web site Hi Clark if you get to read this.

Hope your hat is coming out well. The Pep yarn is a Lana Grossa yarn. It' similar to Fee and some of the other "hairy" yarns.

Pubah asks if I've ever seen anyone wearing these scarves? I actually have seem some folks wearing them, and like funky clothes, some folks can get away with it, and some can't.

And as Kathy mentions, it's the folks that go way overboard with this stuff by wearing it all at once that makes these scarves look way more stupid than they might otherwise.

The best comment I've seen so far from my readers is actually on Wendy's blog. For any of you who have made contributions, you are amazing For those of you who haven't, please consider doing so if you can.

Click here to contribute. Posted by Joe Wilcox at Holiday Knitting Charity Interested in charity?

Want to find a way to make yours knitting related? By leveraging all of the folks that read their blogs, they are looking to make a charitable donation to Heifer International that helps the needy and is knitting related.

I won't go into detail here, since Wendy and Theresa have described it very well, but if you don't regularly ready either of their blogs, and don't already know about this kind thing they're doing, please stop by their sites and contribute whatever you can.

I wholeheartedly support their efforts and hope you will too. Knitting Event When Marilyn and I get together, we both agree that the best part of this blogging thing are some of the people we've met during the process.

Blogging takes quite a bit of time and effort, and knit-blogging requires the additional effort of producing knitted products to display on the blog.

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Josh Brady Fucks Leo Frost. Mateo Fernadez Fucks Aston Springs. London Ryan Fucks Jimmy Norris. Pierce Paris Fucks Draven Navarro. Bo Sinn Fucks Rocky Vallarta.

Adamo Diaz Fucks Ethan Chase. The Miniaturist is a better choice, since it was pubbed in , but it also has more than a thousand reviews on Amazon, thus might be a big reach.

Comps are very difficult to get right. You're safer to say "the tone of my book is reminiscent of X or Y" or "the two time lines of my novel are similar to Z and A.

Readers who liked B and C should have B and C no more than two years old, and not runaway best sellers.

The answer to your question, how do you compare yourself to such great writers, is "you don't. While I would LOVE it if your book moved me like Atonement, it's better for me to discover that it does, rather than be disappointed if it doesn't.

I put my monocle down at about page 30, took a breath, and thought "holy moly, this guy writes like Scott Turow.

He let me figure it out on my own. And because I saw it on my own, I was sure I was right. Posted by Janet Reid at 7: Sunday, June 17, Five requested my full manuscript.

I now have these questions: This isn't what I want. But, I want to use the name and there's an etymological reason. Should I mention that the novel is told in two points of view?

Would it be relevant to mention my writer's group in my bio? And should I include my published novel even though it didn't achieve robust sales?

Dear Query Shark, Sixteen-year-old Verity Callahan has the ability to know the true answer to every question she's asked. When she was fourteen, she learned minutes before it happened that her father would die in a car crash — and yet, she failed to save him.

She's tried to bury her ability, but now it's manifesting in new ways. She's burdened with more information than ever before.

What's worse, she's compelled to blurt it all out. She never asked for this. She wants to be normal. Her younger brother Lucas Callahan is an empath whose power is growing.

He will manipulate anyone's emotions to get what he wants: And once he understands what Verity can do, he imagines all they could do together.

But Verity has found happiness with her new boyfriend, Will McConnall. Lucas wants Verity and her abilities under his control.

Realizing he'll never get that with Will in her life, Lucas devises a drastic plan to eliminate him.

By answering one fateful question after another, Verity learns of Lucas's scheme. She must hone the very abilities she detests to thwart Lucas's plot, or lose Will forever and become Lucas's puppet.

My first novel, title , was published by press name in I wrote the novel while earning a master's degree in creative writing at named College. I've queried fifty-six agents.

Verity is a fine, old-fashioned name. Your writers group is absolutely irrelevant. Yes And here's the answer to the question you didn't ask: The agents are passing after they've read the ms.

That means you have a problem in the manuscript, not the query. There are a couple of ways to work on that. All of them are going to require some financial investment.

You can engage an outside editor to look at your novel and identify areas that need to be revised. You can enroll in a class about novel writing.

Grub Street in Boston offers these. You can bid on and win! When you're considering who to work with look for actual, and recent experience in trade publishing on the acquisitions side of things.

You need help from people actually in the publishing trenches, because what agents want is a book they can sell.

Your query has done her job. Time for the manuscript to step up. Sunday, June 10, Take me to your leader. I'm not sure why you don't want to use Dear; it's standard business form.

It IS nitpicky, but you want to set the right tone at the start; Greetings doesn't do that. Never ever put this in a query.

This is so general as to be meaningless. Also, novels generally don't have subtitles. Those are, by default, novels.

Again, I can hear you saying "don't be so damn nit picky" but if you've got excess words here, you're going to have them in your novel.

Your query tells me what kind of writer you are, in addition to telling me what your book is about. This is the kind of writing that leads to "french fried potatoes" instead of just french fries , or better yet, fries ; and, "she looked down at her toes".

Generally one is not looking UP at one's toes. If you are, then you'd include it. If you're just toe-gazing, you don't need down.

Your reader will fill in the expected words. The main plot of the book revolves around the struggle by several groups and individuals for control of the theology and especially the vast fortune of an astrology cult which has become a money laundering vehicle for powerful criminal cartels and organized crime.

Start with something interesting. Like what happens to one of the main characters that is important. As in works by Russian authors such as Tolstoy this book has an ensemble protagonist.

Which is to say there is no single main character. Instead, the plot is moved forward by several individuals or groups who, in some cases are not even aware of each other.

Sophia Chin-Robinson, an alcoholic housewife and cult member who lives on Guam. Wilson Chau, a venal and corrupt law enforcement officer in Hong Kong.

Gerald Morris a bitter, amoral, ex-mob lawyer. I believe this makes for a convoluted but ultimately engrossing storyline. Never ever describe your novel as convoluted.

It means difficult to follow. This is not what you want me thinking NOW. Complex, layered, multi-faceted, sure. There are words in that paragraph and it doesn't tell me anything about the story.

You've got textbook character soup. Here are the characters you mention by name: And not a one of them sounds interesting because you haven't given us a reason to care about any of them.

We care about people when we see what choices they face. I'd stop reading here if this was an incoming query.

I can get past all the format screwups and weird salutations, but at this point, you haven't done the one thing your query MUST DO: The manuscript is completed sans some editing.

It is actually a prequel to another work which is also completed in what I plan as a series. If I hadn't stopped reading when served character soup in the preceding paragraph, I'd stop here.

Never query a novel that isn't ready to go on the day you send your query. Some of us surprise y'all by asking for things within minutes of receiving the query.

It takes forever if you do it right. I hope that the work reminds my readers of books by authors such as Nury Vittachi because I am dealing not just with the crimes but with the subtle ways that people from different cultures and generations misunderstand each other.

I also hope that readers of an author like Kurt Vonnegut would appreciate this book because it portrays imperfect people thrown into an absurd world and coping with the sometimes random consequence of both good and bad life choices.

Lastly, I believe that readers who enjoy works by authors like Dan Brown would possibly enjoy my novel as it deals with alternative religious ideas particularly what most astrologers would consider a heterodox system.

Kurt Vonnegut and Dan Brown both huh? Kurt Vonnegut writes literary work, Dan Brown doesn't even come close.

When you select books to compare yours too, you need to be aware of style and tone, not just subject matter. I like the first sentence of this paragraph a lot.

I think really terrific novels come from cultural and generational misunderstanding. Done well, this kind of novel can pack a very subtle but very powerful wallop.

The problem here is that you're telling me, not showing me. And you're telling me too much. I have no idea of the story here. Even Tolstoy's ensemble casts novels had something that unified them.

War and Peace has characters no, I didn't count, I looked it up on Wikipedia but it can be described without identifying more than a few: The story moves from family life to the headquarters of Napoleon, from the court of Alexander I of Russia to the battlefields of Austerlitz and Borodino.

Tolstoy's original idea for the novel was to investigate the causes of the Decembrist revolt, to which it refers only in the last chapters, from which can be deduced that Andrei Bolkonsky's son will become one of the Decembrists.

The novel explores Tolstoy's theory of history, and in particular the insignificance of individuals such as Napoleon and Alexander.

I underlined insignificance here because if this arrived in a query, that would be the word that would catch my attention.

Normally we think of Napolean and the Czars as significant. Here's a book that challenges that. It is set primarily in the cities of Hong Kong and Zurich as well as on the island of Guam.

Well, I don't see anything unusual here about the story at all because there is no story. Thank you for your time. I truly appreciate your diligence in reading this query and reviewing the sample chapters that I have submitted.

I know you're trying to be polite here but it comes off as smarmy. You don't have to thank the meter reader for looking at the gas meter.

Reading and evaluating queries is my job. You can reach me via my author email: If you're querying by email, I have your email address already.

If you want to include it, put it under your name I look forward to your response. You probably don't, but you're trying to be polite.

End a query with Thank you for your time and consideration. That's all you need. What you've failed to do here is figure out how to query for an ensemble cast.

The answer is not to list the characters and hope for the best. There are some terrific ensemble cast books.

What do they have in common? There's simply no way all eight people can be the main character. They can be important to the plot, sure, but which character starts the plot moving forward?

In Shogun, it's not the shipwreck, it's the decision to save the English sailor. At some point in your novel, hopefully at the start, something changes.

That's where your plot is. Tell me about a story I'll want to read. Sunday, June 3, Dear Query Shark, My background is diverse. English is my second language and my writing has a "Russian" voice.

I migrated to the states from Russia with a dream to be a writer. During my visit to Germany, the idea of this romance novel was born. Never start a query with this kind of information.

Start with the book. It offers glimpses into the childhood of a Russian immigrant, savors the flavor of romantic places, introduces peculiar characters, and is a simply a charming love story.

Ekaterina Caldwell a broken-hearted writer working on her first novel. On a trip to New York, she meets a charming Scotsman, Aaron.

After spending two days with him, they part without exchanging personal contact information. And when I say start with the book, I mean start with the character and what changes, or is about to change in their life; what they want and why they can't have it.

In other words, where your story starts. And , words is a big ass book. It's not a deal breaker but it's a problem. Those first pages of your manuscript that you include with a query MUST be taut.

When I see a big ass book, and flabby first pages, I pass. A few months later, Aaron visits Atlanta and their paths cross again. The relationship grows deeper as they spend several romantic days together.

Aside from sharing love for history and travel, they both share the pain of broken marriages. While Kate is open about her family and past heartache, Aaron keeps a veil of mystery about his family and previous marriage.

This secrecy does not stop Kate from falling in love with him. The mystery gets resolved when Kate visits Aaron in Germany at a grand castle during her research for a historical novel.

There's no plot here. You refer to a mystery, but I don't have any sense there is a mystery. That Aaron isn't forthcoming about his family or previous marriage isn't a mystery, it's How Men Are.

Right now, the problem isn't your "broken English" which I didn't see, this reads fine to me it's the utter lack of plot. There are several QS entries that list guidelines for getting plot on the page.

Maybe it's time for a refresher. An effective query is most often plot focused: This example leaves out all references to Reacher's brother for example How to get stakes on the page: Your reader will jump right in to the story with you This will not be the exact wording for your query.

It will help you distill your plot to the essentials. You need the essentials of Act One, not a rundown of the entire plot.

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